Now that you have decided to write a novel, it’s time to choose a suitable novel writing software to simplify your novel writing process which many find complex and cumbersome most of the time.

What exactly is a Novel Writing Software?

The purpose of a novel writing software is as its name suggests – it aids you in writing your novel. This can be done in multiple ways such as helping you edit your grammar and spelling, helping you stay and get organized with a developed plot, storyboard or an outline for you to easily see the “big picture” of your novel, and more.

A novel writing software also gives you the opportunity to add comments and notes for yourself, and jot down ideas as you write, which ensures that you don’t get too overwhelmed.

What features should your Novel Writing Software have?

Before making the purchase or downloading the novel writing software, you should first ensure that it has these features:

  • Word processor you can write and save in
  • Can jot down notes, comments and ideas for your novel
  • Checks for grammar and spelling errors
  • Organizes your manuscript

While these are just the basic and common features that many have mentioned to be important when they choose a novel writing software, it is up to you to decide on which feature is needed and which is just an additional bonus.

There are also many other novel writing software with additional features such as storyboards, visual representations of the rhythm of your novel’s plot, virtual corkboard to jot down notes and more.

Suitable Novel Writing Software

While finding a software that has all the above features listed and more is great, the most important factor should be whether it is user friendly. If it isn’t, there is no point in using it because it will make the process of writing a novel more difficult.

JotterPad is one novel writing software that is undeniably easy to use and navigate, and it also has the functions that you need to make your writing process more manageable.

As a minimalistic writing app, JotterPad has a clean interface which allows you to focus and concentrate while writing and be free of any distractions.

Additionally, JotterPad has these functions and features (and more) to streamline your novel writing process:

  • A full featured text editor (includes thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, text styling, markdown, typewriter scrolling and more)
  • Storage in local text files and on cloud services (you can write offline!)
  • Typewriter mode
  • Markdown syntax highlighting and preview
  • Fonts that ensure form and functionality

Purpose of a novel writing software

Besides aiding you in the writing process of your novel, a novel writing software also makes it easier for you to publish your novel as it helps you to properly format your novel and get it ready to be exported and published.

If you are looking for a novel writing that is accessible, convenient and functional in order to facilitate your writing process, download and try out JotterPad today.

Additionally, JotterPad functions as a screenwriting software, so if you're interested in writing your own screenplay, do download JotterPad!