Your writing and creative experience have been our top priority here JotterPad. Every update and tool that we add to our platform is geared towards making your writing processes as seamless and as convenient as possible.

We have been making some significant changes to already existing writing tools and adding brand new features and templates for you to explore, assuring you that your planning, crafting, writing, and sharing processes are going to be all the more convenient.

We are excited to let you in on the next exciting addition to JotterPad. Now, we have a mind map template, that supports Markmap plugin, for you to explore! Mind maps are an effective and all-encompassing way of brainstorming your thoughts organically. As a diagram that allows for freedom with it's order and structure, it allows you to develop and structure your ideas as you go. Whether you're a student doing revision or planning an essay, or trying to find a creative solution to a problem at work, mind maps can help you gain clarity and process your thoughts better.

With mind-mapping, you end up with a visual representation of your thoughts that can help with further analysis and recollection.

Read on to find out more about how you can start creating your very own mind maps conveniently with us!

What are Mind maps?

A mind map is a diagram that can help visually organize information into a hierarchy, showing relationships among pieces of the whole. It can be used to represent words, concepts, tasks, or any items that are linked to and arranged around a central concept or subject. Using a non-linear graphical layout, you can build a network around your central subject to any extent that you would like. Instead of ending up with an endless list of information, you would develop an interactive, colorful, and organized diagram that represents your brainstorming process which can be built upon anytime you want.

Mind mapping can be used for multiple reasons. These include :

  • Brainstorming and visualizing your thoughts
  • Presenting and effectively communicating ideas
  • To conduct meetings and brainstorming sessions in a more organic manner
  • Summarizing and outlining reports and documents
  • Breaking down and simplifying task and project management
  • Planning and writing essays

Creating Mind maps on JotterPad

Here on JotterPad, mind maps can be easily created using Markdown syntax in JotterPad's Markdown code block. Markmap renders your mind maps in the Markdown files that you can create thereafter.

To declare that you would be creating a mind map in the code block to be rendered, simply select markmap as the code language by by using codeBlockRenderAs: markmap in the Markdown file's YAML.

This can be done in 4 easy steps :

1. Type 3 backticks (```) at the start of the code, followed by space or return key.

2. Press the </> button at the top right corner.

3. Choose markmap.

4. Add renderAs=markmap in the document's metadata.

Markmap then renders your mind maps in the Markdown files that you can create.

Customize your Mind map

View your map in real-time

On JotterPad, not only do you get to construct your Mind map efficiently and conveniently using easy to maneuver syntax, but you also get to see your mind map being created in real time.

Select the </> button at the top left corner of your diagram to work with Markdown syntax to create your mind map, and select the "eye" icon right next to it to see your mind map

Upon clicking the "eye" icon, feel free to zoom in and out of your mind map to get a closer look at the details as well!

Construct your Diagram

# Business Plan

## Company Profile
- The ultimate writing app 
- Webpage : <>

## Product/Services
- Benefits
- Features
- Technology

Using easy Markdown syntax, generate your central node or concept, secondary nodes, and other branches of your mind map seamlessly. Using # and -, differentiate these elements without toggling back and forth between your mouse and keyboard.

Apart from with the mind map template on JotterPad, you have the ability to include mind maps in any Markdown documents that you create. Be it in your novels, letters, essays, or slides, add mind maps wherever you fancy!

Stylize your Text

Explore stylizing your text in your mind map with syntax as well. Some of the ways you can change the style of your text includes :

  • **text** to bold your text and reflect as text
  • ~~text~~ to strikethrough your text and reflect as text
  • *text* to italicize your text and reflect as text
  • ==text== to have your text highlighted

You can add mathematical equations to your mind maps as well, by using the $ syntax before and after your equation :

  • $y=mx+c$ to reflect as y=mx+c

Add multiline line text by separating and putting some text on the next line by hitting the enter button :

- first line
  second line

Format your text to be inline with ` before and after your desired text :

  • `text` to reflect as text.

Generate mind maps on JotterPad with the Markdown template. You can find the mind map markdown template here.

Mind mapping can be utilized across multiple fields for creating, visualizing, organizing, note-taking, decision-making, revision and many other purposes. It is a great way to brainstorm any given topic, and is popular among students for school and working adults for problem-solving and creative solutioning.

We hope that this brand new tool makes your school assignments or work tasks a lot more convenient and productive!

Happy brainstorming!