We're more than halfway through the month of November, which means that NaNoWriMo is soon coming to a close!

However, it is often in the final legs of this writing race that many writers burn out or lose motivation. After all, keeping up your momentum through 50,000 words in 30 days is no easy feat.

But if you're determined to see NaNoWriMo through and emerge victorious, it's imperative that you find ways to inspire yourself and keep yourself motivated to continue writing!

So, here are 6 tips to help give you the final boost in writing inspiration and motivation in these last 2 weeks.

6 Writing Inspiration Tips For NaNoWriMo

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1. Try writing sprints

If you haven't already been trying writing sprints, you may want to start incorporating them into your writing schedule now.

Writing sprints are timed writing sessions of 15 to 60 minutes. In this short period of time, your goal is to either hit a specific word count or simply write as many words as possible.

As you near the end of NaNoWriMo, it can be increasingly difficult to find the energy and motivation to write. You may even start to encounter more and more writer's block. Having a timed writer's sprint will force you to get writing and to stay focused for that short period of time.

2. End the day in the middle of the scene

It's the end of the day. You've just finished writing an important scene in your story and you put your things away, satisfied.

The next day, however, you're faced with a blank document; it's almost as if all your inspiration and motivation disappeared after you got that important scene out of your system, and you're not sure where to go next!

Sounds familiar? This is actually quite a common struggle among writers, especially if you're beholden to a deadline the likes of NaNoWriMo!

That is why you should consider ending your writing session in the middle of writing a scene, and instead leave yourself a note about what should happen next. It may seem strange to do at first, but it will actually help you get into the writing groove much faster when you get writing again the next day.

3. Write out of order

There are always certain parts of your story or certain scenes that you're looking forward to writing more than others. If you feel your writing inspiration and motivation running dry, it may be time to jump right into writing one of those scenes.

This way, you can keep your interest in both writing and your story going strong. This will then tide you over when you have to write through the drier parts of your NaNoWriMo project.

4. Set multiple goals and deadlines

Depending on how much you've already written in the first half of November, you may need to start speeding up and writing more to hit the word count.

If this is a struggle you're currently facing, it may help to start setting multiple goals and deadlines. For example, you may want to set both a daily and weekly word count and track how much you're able to write in a given amount of time.

Not only will setting multiple goals help you stay on track, but you will also be able to reward yourself more often for hitting your goals. This will incentivize you to write more and better.

5. Share your work to keep yourself accountable

Sharing your work in progress can be another way of getting writing inspiration and motivation. Even if you have no audience or no followers, just the simple act of putting your work out there can give you a sense of accountability.

And if you do manage to attract an audience, their support can be writing inspiration in itself!

That is why many writers talk about their ideas and works on dedicated social media accounts and on their blogs. For NaNoWriMo, you can also start doing the same.

With JotterPad's, you can easily publish your work directly onto Ghost, Wordpress or Tumblr from within the app itself. You will be able the hassle of copy and pasting your work from your writing software to your blog editor and focus on your writing instead!

Add images to your document with JotterPad
Add images to your document with JotterPad

6. Try other creative outlets

Writing isn't the only way you can work on your story, as odd as that may sound. Some days simply aren't writing days no matter how hard you try — and that's alright! However, you can still try other creative outlets that will help you work on your story in other ways.

For instance, you may want to give storyboarding a try. Even if you aren't the most artistic person, drawing out scenes with simple stickmen can help you better visualize the scene. Or, if you're trying to describe a setting or a landscape, it can be helpful to make a collage of images online.

With JotterPad, you can easily add high-quality images to your document from Unsplash. So, if you ever need a visual reference, you can simply type in the search box and find the image that best suits what you're imagining.

We hope that this has been helpful as you go through the final legs of NaNoWriMo. For more writing inspiration tips, check out some helpful tips from famous authors on how they find writing inspiration!

Write on!