Screenplay formatting is a hassle and definitely not something you would want to constantly worry about as you write. By using screenwriting software, you can just focus on the creative aspect – the story, characters and more; and leave the formatting to the software.

What exactly is the purpose of Screenwriting Software?

To put it simply, screenwriting software make writing screenplays more fuss-free and helps make your writing process smoother.

You might be wondering why it is necessary to use a screenplay software to write a screenplay, instead of using word processors.

That’s because word processors do not have the features that can help format your screenplay to fit the industry’s standard and requirement. That will make things difficult for you when you try to make the adjustments as or after you write.

Screenwriting software have specific features such as specialized shortcuts (typing a > for a transition or typing something in capital letters will lead to the software recognizing it as a character name).

Other features include scene numbering, collaborating with other writers and adding production and character notes. They all facilitate the writing of a screenplay and such software makes the job less tedious.

Fountain – Plain Text Markup

Screenwriting software also use Fountain, a simple markup syntax that makes screenwriting, editing and sharing possible in plain text, making it less of a hassle and more convenient for you.

It facilitates the formatting of what you have written in plain text into proper, industry-accepted screenplays.

Which platforms are suitable for Screenwriting Software?

The beauty of a screenwriting software is that it is virtually accessible on almost all platforms, from a mobile app to a web application online.

If you are still searching for a great screenwriting software, look no further. JotterPad is a minimalistic and easy to use writing app for both beginners and experienced writers! It’s suitable and perfect for you.

It uses Fountain, which means that JotterPad will help you format your screenplay as you write it out, so you will have an easier time as well as a better writing experience.

There are many features of JotterPad which includes, but are not limited to:

  • Export to Final Draft (.fdx) and still retain the proper formatting
  • Syncing with your cloud accounts
  • Managing multiple screenplays in one app
  • Dark theme
  • Thesaurus and Rhyming

With JotterPad, it makes writing a screenplay easier than before. Additionally, Jotterpad functions as a novel writing software. If you’re interested in writing your very own novel, download Jotterpad now and start writing on your next book or film!